Improving Water Quality And Ecology

Improving Water Quality And Ecology

AMG Limited was established to provide a specialist environmental consultancy and project management service for the aeration, mixing and destratification of reservoirs, lakes, fish farms and fisheries.

As bed water is a higher density than surface water, we were aware that effective aerators must have a powerful turbulent plume and be installed on the bed. Thus in the late 1990s we developed new cutting-edge technology to improve the aeration and mixing of reservoirs and lakes. The European Union financed the two-year Research and Development Project, which was undertaken by H. R. Wallingford and Barcelona University. The project focused on the best available technology on the market and the published report stated "final pre-production 'AQUAERATOR' was significantly better than the Helixor". The report was published in May, 2003 and the scientifically-evolved 'AQUAERATOR' was born.

By providing innovative design and cost-effective bespoke solutions the AMG Limited mission is to make life greener and cost effective for our Clients by improving water quality. Our Environmental Consultancy experience provides a unique full service stretching from water quality analysis, initial design and specification. We undertake complete installations and the overall maintenance of the ''AQUAERATION SYSTEM'.

Based in Glastonbury, AMG Limited works throughout the World. We are able to offer clients a well-organised and progressive professional service by formulating an agreed Environmental Management Plan for each water body.

Initial fish-farming tests have shown that salmon, trout and carp all benefit from improved water quality effected by the 'AQUAERATOR'.

Our clients include: Anglian Water PLC.; Bristol Water PLC.; Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council; Thames Water PLC.; Corus Strip Products, Marine Harvest (Scotland and Norway) and Sydney Catchment Authority.

AMG Limited is working towards a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:2001.

We have enquiries for exporting the 'AQUAERATOR' to Australia, China and Turkey and are looking for companies with a similar background to AMG Limited to contact us about potential opportunities.

As part of the ongoing development of our team we are constantly looking for scientific/technical and installation staff and would be pleased to hear from you

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