Environmental Consultancy Services In Somerset

Environmental Services

AMG Limited consultants are committed to the provision of design, consultancy and project management services in support of water-based environmental projects. We are able to provide skilled and experienced personnel proficient in the design, specification and management of such projects, using various types of technical computer software.We are able to provide professional assistance on the water quality of the reservoir, lake or fishery and can offer solutions to improve the water quality, whether it is used for amenity or drinking water purposes.
When the reservoir thermally stratifies during the Summer months it can present the following problems:

  • Nitrogen/phosphate locked in the bed sediment becomes readily soluble; this increases the risk of eutrophication and the occurrence of unsightly algal blooms.
  • Heavy metals, in particular manganese and iron, also become soluble, which can cause significantly increased financial expenditure during the water treatment process.

By aerating and mixing the de-oxygenated bottom waters it may be possible to prevent these two problems from occurring. AMG Limited is working closely with Imperial College of London and Cranfield University to develop our understanding and knowledge about the behaviour of large water bodies.

AMG Limited has undertaken various R. & D. projects with Marine Harvest in Scotland and Norway with regard to 'AQUAERATION' and aquaculture, specifically with regard to commercial fish farming.

We are also investigating modifying the 'AQUAERATOR' to treat industrial and domestic wastewater.

Our principal consultancy services include:

  • Preparation of method and risk assessments for a project
  • Echo-sounding of reservoirs using sonar technology
  • GPS positioning and mapping of deepest positions of the reservoir
  • Sampling of water column using YSI 6600 multi-parameter probe
  • Sampling of water column and bed sediments for accredited laboratory analysis
  • Bi-monthly sampling regimes
  • Algal identification
  • Underwater survey and video of existing equipment
  • Design and specification of suitable aeration and mixing systems
  • Production and Interpolation of data.

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