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Aquaeration At Foix Resevoir Barcelona

AMG Limited provides its clients with a complete professional installation service and solutions for improving the water quality of reservoirs, lakes and fish farms.

AMG Limited has extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of specialist aeration equipment and in particular the 'AQUAERATOR'. Our service includes detailed design, civil construction, mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning.

The product - the 'AQUAERATOR'Quotation from H. R. Wallingford Report EX 4808, May, 2003

"Thermal stratification occurs during the summer months, which can cause a number of problems in water bodies. The oxygenated, lower density, warmer water tends to overlay the colder denser water, which inhibits vertical mixing and in particular the downward transfer of dissolved oxygen.

"The bottom waters become de-oxygenated, with the possibility of the release of heavy metals from the bed sediment and the warm, well-lit surface layer will be conducive to the growth of large populations of phytoplankton.

"If stratification can be controlled by artificial mixing, dissolved oxygen can be maintained at an acceptable level throughout the water column and algal growth is reduced as the phytoplankton are continually mixed through the water depth, reducing the time spent in the photic (well-lit) zone, where growth is possible.

"The 'AQUAERATOR' is a new device with no moving parts which uses compressed air to promote mixing in water bodies subject to stratification. The bubbles reduce the bulk density of the water-air mixture, generating a turbulent vertical plume which entrains the ambient near bed water, promoting vertical mixing and preventing thermal stratification".

For example, the mixed air and water at the top of the draught tube is equivalent to 175 l/s; in 10m deep water the entrained mix is 4.5 tonnes/sec and in 20m depth the mixed air and water is 13.4 tonnes/sec.

Installations of the 'AQUAERATOR' are undertaken by our dedicated team of professionals, including diving services when required.

Aeration and Mixing Installations to Date:

Original Systems:

Anglian Water Services ---- Rutland Reservoir

Bristol Water ---- Chew Valley Lake

South West Water ---- Wistlandpound Reservoir

Bristol Water ---- Blagdon Reservoir

EU Trial Aquaerator Systems:

Thames Water ---- Wraysbury Reservoir

Agencia Catalunya de l'Agua ---- Foix Reservoir, Barcelona

20 Aquaerators:

Bristol Water ---- Blagdon Reservoir
Bristol Water ---- Barrow 1 Reservoir
Bristol Water ---- Barrow 2 Reservoir
Doncaster MBC ---- Lakeside Development
Marine Harvest ---- Norway
Manchester Ship Canal ---- Trial

10 Fishery Aquaerators:

Cross Drove Fishery ---- Norfolk
Avalon Fishery ---- Somerset
Blagdon Fishery ---- Somerset

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