UK Specialists In Fresh Water Aeration & Mixing

Our mission is to use our 40 years' experience in lake aeration and mixing combined with our diving experience to improve the quality of water in: reservoirs, lakes, fish farms, fisheries, mines and effluent from plants all over the world. Aquarius Marine is a founder member of the Environmental Industries Commission at the House of Lords in 1995 and a member of British Water. Over the last 40 years we have maintained and installed improved aeration systems across the UK, in particularly in Bristol where we have a close connection with Bristol Walter’s.

At Aquarius MG we are specialists in the installation of solutions for improving the water quality of reservoirs, lakes and fish farms. Our main product that we specialise in installing and commissioning for aeration is the ‘AQUAEATOR’. We not only install the product, we also include the detailed design work, civil construction and the mechanical and electrical installation. We can tailor each and every product to tailor for your water mixing needs as long as you are located within the UK.

Environmental Innovation is the scientifically proven AQUAERATOR for lake aeration and mixing, de-stratification, oxygenation and algal reduction.

Clients we have provided aeration and mixing services to include: Anglian Water PLC.; Bristol Water PLC.; Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council; Thames Water PLC.; Corus Strip Products, Marine Harvest (Scotland and Norway) and Sydney Catchment Authority.

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